We want satisfied customers

We would like to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction with our products manufactured more effectively through our studies on Just-in-Time, Complete, and Economic Deliveries Conforming to Standards, and on Continuous Improvement.

We want improved processes

In order to increase customer satisfaction, we would like to improve our processes, through teamwork, in accordance with customer expectations and the advancing technology.

We want to be at the fore in quality

We would like to dominate also the world market, by improving quality management system through encouraging participation in continuous improvement of product and service quality, and continuous learning.

We want to manufacture environment-friendly products

We are aware of our responsibility to leave a healthier environment to the next generations, hence we choose and select the most favourable and suitable materials and methods to eliminate any factor which may be environmentally hazardous.

We want to create a team spirit

“Continuous Improvement of our Quality”, which is the indicator of our employees to take
more responsibility and to be more active participants, is our self-responsibility.