Occupational Health Policy


As Tuğ Steel Aluminum Metal Products and TİC. Inc., our main goal is to provide our employees, who are our primary stakeholders, with a healthier, safer, and more peaceful working environment.


In our workplace, we aim to identify all possible risks inherent to the nature of the work, implement precautions, complete improvements, continuously monitor results to minimize errors, and prevent recurrence.


Our target is to prevent all possible occupational diseases in our workplace and minimize work accidents.


We commit to identify all possible risks within our production processes in advance and make them compatible with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) principles.

We aim for continuous improvement by constantly observing and auditing our OHS performance.

We commit to comply with all current laws, regulations, and international conventions.

We aim to provide the necessary financial resources, manpower, and infrastructure to reach our goals.

We commit to integrating all OHS processes into the production process and document them.

We aim to raise awareness among all our employees about OHS and provide necessary training.

Using communication tools, we commit to inform all our employees and stakeholders about OHS processes and results, providing timely and accurate data.

We commit to renewing our systems, policies, and methods in accordance with the changes in time and technology, and to making changes by adapting to all innovations.